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The Let's Talk Flying Podcast

Aug 27, 2018

In this episode, we are coming to you from Oshkosh 2018 and talking with Sarah Rovner of Full Throttle Aviation.

Sarah is a well know ferry pilot ferrying and delivering aircraft all over the world. She is very experienced at Trans-Atlantic crossings and South America Flying. Sarah has a unique and special qualification and that is flying and delivering Air Tractors a large single-pilot turbine agricultural aircraft. This is what separates her and her team from many others as she has the experience and expertise to deliver such an awesome aircraft. 

Sarah has a very extensive background in ferrying aircraft she will talk a bit about that in this episode. Sarah has flown 117 different models of aircraft in 15 different countries she is an FAA Safety Team Lead Representative and a tailwheel and super cub fanatic.  She will also share briefly a bit about her experience flying for the civil air patrol and her emergency she experienced at night as a fairly new private pilot.

This is a great episode and its a must listen so check it out for all the great info that she has to share.

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If your ever in the need of a ferry pilot give Sarah a call she will make sure you're flying your new aircraft in no time.

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